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Using MIDI Gate

October 5th, 2009

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Filename: nanoke_deviate_ds_Oct09.mp3
Duration: 4:29
Recorded: 4 October
Instruments: 4 synths, percussion, MIDI Gate + audio samples
Comments: This recording used three out of Deviate’s four melodic note generators, and two of its six percussion generators, to trigger MIDI Gates on various audio samples. Each event lets through audio of 20ms duration, or thereabouts. The samples used consist of radio static/tuning, turntable noise scratching, and some sort of sub-bass distortion (all from freesound).
The advantage is that audio samples (depending on their length and variety) provide different content at each triggering – this is shown by the occasional vocal snippets that come through. The disadvantage, however, is that Deviate’s melodic output becomes merely an event generator devoid of pitch.
Aside from the MIDI-Gated audio, the percussive kick and snare are synthesised, as is the simple pad providing the only melodic content. Structurally, this is very straightforward – 4/4 throughout, no swing, no pattern restarting. Control was mouse/keyboard only.

Deviate, Research

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