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Chimpanzee mode

August 5th, 2009

“And during the set my brain went into chimpanzee mode as so often when performing. I could not keep all things in my head controlling video and music simultaneously so both stagnated for long periods of time while I tried to think clearly.” (Olofsson, no date: http://www.toplap.org/index.php?title=Read_me_paper)

The above quote by Fredrik Olofsson – one half of klipp av – exquisitely sums up the kind of cognitive freeze that happens when you have too many live parameters to deal with. It happens often with Deviate, and the following example demonstrates this.

In the first moments, there’s some drum activation/deactivation, then the bassline is introduced. Some density cutoff changes on the bassline are done, with pretty good results. Then I completely forgot about changing the bassline density cutoff and focused solely on activation/deactivation, the melody, and pattern restarting.

Practice, practice.

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Filename: criollo_deviate_ds_Aug09.mp3
Duration: 3:00
Recorded: 4 August
Instruments: 3 synths, percussion
Comments: This was an attempt to be a bit more minimal with melodic content, which was partially successful. In fact, only two main pitched lines are used – one of the synth voices is used for the pitched drums that enter at 0:53. Pattern restarting (3+5) is used throughout, occasionally switching to 3+3+2 or linear read-through (no restarting).

Deviate, Research

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