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90s soundset, slurred timing, pattern restarting

February 16th, 2009

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Filename: 90swarp_deviate_ds_Feb09.mp3
Duration: 4:28
Recorded: 16 February 2008
Instruments: 4 synths, percussion
Comments: A complete take using retro-sounding electronica synths and abrasive, complex percussion. Slurred timing can be heard at the beginning of the recording but was soon removed as the effect was quite severe. Pattern restarting is used throughout and is probably most evident around 1:45. Amendments to the Lemur interface have also been made: previously percussive and melodic control were on two separate ‘pages’, making it impossible to affect both simultaneously. The most important controls for both melodic and percussive generation have now been aliased to a third page, where both can be concurrently controlled. Nice melodic change at 3:21.

Deviate, Research

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